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Our online catalog offers an ongoing selection of unique pottery styles including Japanese Pottery Ware, Civil War Reproduction and Ti's Own Pottery Ware; a unique selection of pottery pieces and limited edition works. Artistic potter, Ti Phillips works primarily with stoneware clay bodies and speciality clays mined throughout the country. Earthenware and Porcelain are clay bodies used in her studio for commissioned work and special projects. Glazes are designed in the studio to create special effects. Each pottery piece is completely handmade and are signed by the artist. Limited edition works include numbered certificates of authenticity.

At ESF, we offer blueprints for kilns, wheels, studio furniture, equipment and tools and software programs and e-books for journaling and recordkeeping. Our blueprints are designed to offer quality and long lasting pottery equipment for those potters looking to build their own and save money. Easy to build, each blueprint is written with detailed instructions and diagrams, material lists and 1 year customer support. All blueprints have been built and tested to assure accurate design and exceptional performance when the blueprint is followed completely.

Beginner and advanced classes in clay body, handbuilding, throwing, clay and glaze chemistry and firing are offered through our online and studio education department. Earth Stoke 'N Fire offers advanced glaze calculation and kiln building for those potters who are more adventurous and seek to continue a career in pottery. We offer individual classes in clay, handbuilding, wheel, glaze chemistry, pottery history and speciality classes. If you are interested in becoming a professional pottery artist, we offer complete pottery packages with low cost financing available.

Be sure and check out our Event Calendar for exciting pottery events! Earth Stoke 'N Fire offers a complete firing retreat with ten kiln atmospheres including; wood, salt, raku, oil drip, gas, electric, pit, sawdust, anagama, and our famous underground Japanese Bank Kiln.

We also offer a collection of art classes at the retreat site. Join us for workshops in drawing, painting, pen and ink, writing and music. Coming soon is our Clay and Glaze Big Book server based database. Look for more information in our Clayworkers Newsletter and Events Calendar.

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Aid For Victims of Disasters

In May and June of 2015, disaster struck the United States when floods pounded many states, including our home state, Oklahoma. Many victims were left homeless or suffered catastrophic damage to homes, business and lands. Earth Stoke 'N Fire has chosen to raise funds to purchase a much tractor to assist those who are currently needing assistance in repairing driveways, removing debris and general cleanup. We are hoping to make this tractor available to work along side the Oklahoma Emergency Management Team during tornadoes, wild fires, floods, ice storms, snow storms, earthquakes or any other natural disaster. Your donation will help us quickly purchase this "Disaster Tractor" and put it to use today!

Click on the photo below to hear about our story during the flooding in May and June. Then read about the way you can help. Even a $10 donation is a blessing. In return, we will send you a link to our website so that you can see your donation at work!

Share the GoMeFund link to our donation site by sending our link to your friends and family: www.gofundme.com/disastertractor

Thank you

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