Yakimono Chop      Earth Stoke 'N Fire Chop

A unique selection of Japanese paintings designed by Ti Phillips. Ti has a Japanese family background and has studied calligraphy in Kanji to insure each word used in her paintings are grammatically correct. Each painting is hand-painted using watercolor and ink on 11" x 14" heavy watercolor paper. Ti includes her chop studio mark and her name on the painting. Paintings are numbered and entitled on the reverse side, making them perfect for framing

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Upon ordering, Ti will start your Japanese painting, therefore, please allow 3 days for completion. Each painting will be unique and one-of-a-kind.

#11300001 Bamboo

Bamboo, Strength, Beautiful

Strength of the bamboo stalk with its feathery leaves depicts grace and nobility. The Japanese symbols for strength and beauty compliment this painting as a beautiful piece for any home.

#11300002 Cherry

Cherry Blossom, My Family

The cherry blossom symbolizes birth of spring. Delicate flowers adorn the branches while the Japanese symbol for family completes this painting.

#11300003 Dragon

Dragon, Sheila

The dragon is a symbol of the energy of Mother Nature. Rainfall or good fortune with spiritual clarification and bodies of water. The Japanese symbol of strength compliments your name.

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#11300004 Bamboo

Bamboo, Beloved

This painting honors the bamboo with the sun gracefully highlighting each stalk. The Japanese symbol for beloved entitles the painting.

#11300007 Cherry

Cherry Blossom, True, Love

Whimsical cherry blossoms adorn the branches of this painting, with pinks highlighting flowers in a scattered blanket of spring. The Japanese Kanji symbol, true love, makes this painting perfect for someone who holds your heart.

#11300010 Duck
With Bamboo

Duck With Bamboo, Jessica, Strength, Love

Nothing is more enjoyable than to watch a duck playing in a puddle. This little duck loves playing among the bamboo stalks. Treat yourself by including your name among the Japanese Kanji words strength and love.

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#11300011 Monkey

Monkey - Anthony, Love, Friendship

A playful monkey sits high upon a tree branch waiting for you to bring him home. This mischievous little fellow compliments your name with the Kanji words love and friendship.

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#11300016 Bamboo
and Panda


Bamboo - Panda, Luck

This sweet panda sits among the bamboo stalks, eating bamboo leaves. The Japanese Kanji word luck completes this painting and will bring luck to your home.

#11300021 Lily

Lily - Lilith, Beloved

The lily represents purity and renewal in the Japanese culture. This beautiful flower adorns your name and the Japanese Kanji word beloved.

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#11300024 Mountain
and Moon

Mountain and Moon, Danny and Mystic

The tranquility of the mountain in the moonlight projects peacefullness and comfort. Adorn with your name and the Japanese Kanji word mystic, your home will be filled with calmness.

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#11300000 Create
Your Own

Japanese Paintings by Ti Phillips

Have an idea for a painting for your home, office or for a friend? Design and order your own painting. Select how many words you wish to include, the primary color of your painting, the name you would like and the Kanji word(s), if you selected two or three words.
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